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Proto-Vest, Inc. Announces Expanded Product Line

GLENDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Proto-Vest, Inc., an industry leader in dryer technology, is pleased to

introduce two new retrofits for existing car wash dryers. These

accessories are a cost-effective introduction to Proto-Vest performance

and quality.

The Diablo converts an existing blower-motor into a dedicated side

dryer. The Toro is for overhead applications. Each can operate

independently or can be combined. Adapters are available to fit

pre-existing motor-blowers from most major manufacturers.

Whatever type of car wash system you operate, Proto-Vest has the dryer

to meet your needs. Proto-Vest's stringent standards in material

selection for its car wash drying systems result in extended equipment

life and reduced maintenance. Our car wash dryers will improve the

efficiency and profitability of any type of car wash, from conveyor to

automatic/rollover operations.

The Diablo and Toro will be shown at The Car Wash Show in Nashville,

Tenn., from May 9-11, 2016. Come see us at booth #1923 or visit our

website at www.protovest.com.

About Proto-Vest, Inc.

Proto-Vest, Inc., which stands for prototype investments, specializes in

the development and manufacturing of drying systems. Family owned and

operated since its inception in 1970, the company has a diverse

background, including automotive and industrial drying

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Polish Your Car's Paint?

A recent piece of fruit may be part of a healthy diet, on condition that fruits are filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals and fiber. We have now all the merchandise and instruments wanted for a profitable automobile wash facility, so your nonprofit group never has to worry about spending cash to generate profits. The housing is surrounded with a black case and as soon as water starts to drip from the evaporator on account of condensation, it settles inside it. Water collects there and that's when a automobile air conditioner smells dangerous. If the carwash homeowners don't pre-prep the car then there might be customer complaints.

Have a 2004 mg zr 1.4, was having problems beginning and as soon as began would tick over very lumpy, modified the gas injectors and the automotive began immediately and ticked over spot on, took for a drive(4 miles) then it began ticking over lumpy once more, stopped the engine and now wont start again.would water trigger this, would water not go through the injectors, have put in injector cleaner with no impact.

ProTouch Tandem This superior wash system incorporates each touch-free and friction with an overhead design, giving operators preferring an open bay and the clean produced by friction systems a new selection. LaserWash AutoXpress The LaserWash AutoXpress provides you and your prospects with quick, distinctive cleaning that is unsurpassed by another contact-free wash in the auto supplier business.

Different factor, i really feel i will have to clear the gasoline system of it cause i obtained crammed my automobile with dangerous high quality petrol so if u can inform me what things i will have to do to scrub it please. Now Eddie, another downside is mileage my car is simply 800 cc it is doing simply eight km/l petrol. Its outdated car as u know almost 30 yrs outdated older then engine sounds so clean, much less noise and it begins on first self even after 24 hrs of final run. For a couple of week my automotive has been making a siren like noise once i released the fuel pedal.

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List Of Makeup Brand Names

Makeup Introduction

Are you bored of your old makeup and do you want to purchase more makeup from new brands for a change especially if you are giving the makeup as a gift because I bet all of you girls want some more great makeup brands to choose from? Well then carry on reading to find out because through out this whole review I will be telling you the list of makeup brand names and I will be telling you some other interesting information and facts about the makeup as well. Did you know that makeup was first made during Egyptian times? In Egypt they used to natural elements. The types of make up they used to use (and how they used) it such as: they painted their eyes, placed dark co

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Car Rams Through Car Wash Video

Now Playing: Elderly Driver Survives Train Collision Caught on Video

Now Playing: Reckless Driving Shuts Down California Freeway

Now Playing: How Old Is Too Old to Drive?

Now Playing: Hear the Frantic 911 Calls Made After Boy Fell Into Gorilla Exhibit

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Make Your Personal Baby Meals By John Foley

The stress washer typically has entry to hot wash, hot rinse for winter and cold rinse for summer, sizzling or chilly wax and spot-free rinse. For more information on the significance of cleansing boats and equipment to prevent aquatic invasive species, take a look at the video on this web page, created by the Michigan Sea Grant program. Soaking tools in sizzling water containing dishwashing detergent (2 cups detergent/2.5 gallons of water) for 20 minutes additionally will kill dangerous AIS. Cleaning boats and tools with scorching water (maintained at 140 F) by pressure washing or soaking is another efficient method. Spray away grime and grimes in all components of your car quick and straightforward with Michelin Pressure Washers.

More not too long ago in Rush Hour three (2007) Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker participate in an impressive automobile chase throughout Paris in a Renault Espace. EQUIP AUTO is a global exhibition of vehicle equipment and services which this yr will take place throughout 5 days, from 13th to seventeenth October 2015 at the Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte. For instance, Peugeot places in an even bigger budget than every other automobile manufacturer into suspensions of its cars, with very gratifying results for drivers and passengers.

It has a 3D Aqua Spa wash system, which is mainly a wash and bathe system that is designed to supply optimum washing outcomes. Through the precise wash cycle specially designed paddles then scoop up the water and gently bathe the washing. Although the Bosch washer dryer has an A rating for wash performance class- and the wash plus system bringing that wash efficiency to a wider range of temperatures- and a B for its spin drying class, it only has a C score for energy efficiency, which compared to some of Bosch's different appliances is just not that nice. Felt so good, and my little car was purring when I then took it Car Wash Equipment  to the car wash.

My Expedition was sooooo dirty that my daughter's pal went, first, into the garage to get the stuff to clean it. It wasn't executed to spite me, however in love. Or if the dealership provides me free certificates to the automobile wash down the street. Zep Automobile Care is uniquely positioned that will help you enhance revenue while optimizing effectivity throughout your automotive wash operation. Is a full-line automotive wash equipment producer whose offerings maximize wash bay Profit-Per-Foot℠. Spiffy Carwash Tools is a locally owned firm that believes that customer support and honesty are probably the most invaluable property a company can have. We're Turtle wax distributors and have our personal private label carwash soaps, Sparkl.

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Twelve car cleaning myths - CNN.com

(AOL Autos) -- Take a short drive just about anywhere and glance at the car or truck next to you. Chances are you'll get a feel for what the owner of that vehicle sees as "clean" -- underscoring the obvious difference in standards that exist among owners.

In short, when it comes to auto hygiene, clean may be in the eye of the one with the bucket.

Barry Meguiar, who heads the business of the same name, is one who's out to set the record straight, in the process dispelling what his third generation family company says is the "dirty dozen" car care myths.

Myth 1: Dishwashing detergent is safe to use as a car wash.

First among them is the idea that plain, ordinary dis

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Better Than a Car Wash by Vincent Platania

How much do you spend at the car wash each year? Here in the Northeast where road salt eats car finishes for breakfast, it's not unusual to spend $50 or more a month protecting your car from damage. Why throw money down the drain at the local car wash when you can do it yourself at home - and get the satisfaction of a job well done.

The Right Tools make all the difference. A pressure washer is one of those pieces of equipment that will pay for itself in just a few months. Not only can you use it to power your car clean, you'll find that it does a great job of cleaning your siding, brightening wood decks and just about any other power cleaning job there is.

Here's how to clean and polish your car better than a car wash, using a pressure washer and some specialty car care polish products.

o Start by rinsing your car thoroughly using a fine water spray. The first rinse will wash away dust and dirt that's on the surface of the car.

o Get up under the undercarriage by using an angled extension wand. Road salt is a killer on the undercarriage and wheel wells.

o Use the right detergent - (Pressure Washer Vehicle and Boat Wash) one that has been approved for use in your pressure washer. Dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent isn't made for your car. The harsh solvents will ruin the finish - and won't even get at most of the road dirt.

o Apply the detergent starting from the bottom, using smooth strokes. Now go get yourself a cold drink while you give the washing solution time to work. Ten minutes or so is just right.

o Use a rotating brush instead of rags or sponges. Less elbow grease needed - and even better, less chance of damage to your car. The soft bristles of the brush are made not to scratch your finish.

o Rinse using high pressure. Here's where technique pays off. Remember that water at high pressure CAN damage your car, and be sure to stand a few feet away and angle the spray to glance over the surface rather than pounding into it.

o Carefully dry your car, using soft, absorbent terry cloth. You can buy car wash cloths from a store that sells auto detailing supplies or car cleaning supplies. Chamois or terry is the best, say most experts. There's no lint and no chance of scratching the car's finish instead of cleaning it.

o About every six months, protect that new car shine with a new coat of wax. A coat of good quality car wax will help protect the car's finish from dirt and road grime. In between waxing, you can renew that just-waxed shine with a car care polish product that treats your car's surface with a repellant coat of silicone (Quick Shine Car Polish)

o Don't forget the interior. Vacuum the carpets, and clean dash and upholstery with a product meant to freshen and remove stains from vinyl and leather (Vinyl and Leather Cleaner and Polish/Protectant)

Having the right car cleaning supplies and tools can save you money in the long run - and ensure that your car looks great for years.

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